Geotechnical Engineering

The ground/structure interface is the most important variable when it comes to designing houses that are best suited to the site conditions over the long term.

Our field geotechnicians will inspect each individual site, developing a comprehensive field notes outlining all of the relevant data about the site and soil conditions.

Site test reporting to establish ground conditions

Having conducted a site visit, our geotechnical engineers will use the information obtained from on site soil testing and compare it to our “Location Information System” so as to compile a report for each individual site in the context of optimum local knowledge of the general and nearby areas.

Geotechnical Report contents

Our geotechnical reporting includes a building and site description, as well as the results of soil testing (five-point soil sampling will return the most accurate results, however three-point soil sampling is generally adequate for the smaller allotments). The report also contains information about surface movement and other important factors that may impact the construction of a footing on the particular site.

Once the site conditions have been established, our reporting makes recommendations for a variety of footing or slab types.

Our geotechnical reports then conclude with general recommendations made by our engineers during the course of the site assessment. Long term maintenance requirements of the site and future landscaping recommendations are made so as to provide the home owner with an explanation of their ongoing responsibilities in the future.

Inspections for the footing construction

During construction we are on standby to inspect construction. This allows your project to maintain its progress during construction and not be delayed. With the ever changing weather conditions, the construction of the footing is sometimes very difficult and for the builder to have the active support of the geotechnical engineer during this time can be the difference between a project getting bogged down with delays and cost over runs and a project meeting its deadlines whilst still providing an optimum outcome.

We are able to do the mandatory inspections associated with a building permit.
Currently we inspect about half of our work on behalf of the registered building surveyors overseeing the building permit.

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