VHC Engineers is a multi-disciplinary engineering consultancy which offers a range of engineering services to the residential construction industry.

Melbourne’s leading volume builders trust VHC Engineers to produce the most cost-effective engineering solutions possible, without compromising structural integrity.

With 100 years of combined experience as chartered engineers, our unique system of testing and data collection allows us to develop the most sustainable solutions for every project.

Cost-effective engineering solutions with integrity

VHC Engineers offers the benefits of cost-effective engineering solutions, combined with a high degree of confidence in the structural integrity and reliability of our work.

This approach has been integral to our success for 35 years, attracting clients who share our uncompromising stance on quality and who are invested in the quality of the end result.

High volume engineering for project builders

VHC Engineers is structured to handle a large number of projects at any one time, but we always treat each site as an individual job - with the utmost attention to detail and accuracy. We collect data from each site and run it through our data sets for possible anomalies and nearby influences, reporting back in a timely and accurate manner.

Unwavering commitment to quality standards

We have an uncompromising ethical stance when it comes to quality standards, and our business model is underpinned by the core values of trust and integrity. Our goal is to produce the most cost-effective engineering solutions possible without compromising on structural integrity, while also striving for the most environmentally sustainable outcomes.

Soil and lab testing for increased accuracy

We employ state of the art testing to determine the best possible picture of soil conditions on site. The results of our testing are enhanced by the data contained in LIS, the “Location Information System” application we developed in-house. This valuable data set contains 20,000 other site samples that can be cross-referenced by location.