Structural Engineering

VHC Engineers is a multi-disciplinary engineering consultancy, and we specialise in providing services to the residential construction industry.

Our structural engineers bring years of experience to the job, and they will evaluate your site in order to design a building structure that best suits the conditions.

Cost-effective engineering solutions with structural integrity

VHC Engineers offers the benefits of cost-effective engineering solutions that combine a high degree of confidence in the structural integrity and reliability of each project. We have an uncompromising stance when it comes to the quality of our work, and this has attracted a large number of like-minded clients to our firm over the years.

Our unique approach ensures that extra work is done up front, in order to avoid any necessary over-engineering. We are able to get the clearest possible picture of the site conditions using soil testing, state of the art lab testing and by cross-referencing the 20,000 datasets we’ve collected from around sites in Melbourne and Geelong.

These insights allow us to develop the most efficient possible solution to each particular site and build, favouring solutions that minimise environmental impact.

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