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Accuracy is the key to our success, and decades of experience inspires confidence in the results of our soil testing and engineering solutions.
We’ve worked with project builders in residential construction for 35 years, and are skilled at delivering timely solutions to complex problems.
One of our core values is economy, and VHC Engineers is committed to delivering the most environmentally sustainable options wherever possible.
We have an unwavering commitment to integrity, and always strive to deliver cost-effective solutions that balance quality with cost.
Location Information System (LIS)

VHC Engineers has access to a database compiled from 100,000 borehole test site locations in Melbourne and Geelong..

Cost-effective engineering solutions with integrity

All of our outcomes are driven by a commitment to accuracy, economy and integrity.
Cost Effective Engineering Solutions

With 35 years of experience in the sector, VHC Engineers has a proven track record of delivering cost-effective engineering solutions to the residential construction industry.

Unwavering commitment to quality standards

Integrity is a core value at VHC Engineers, and we always strive to deliver the most cost-effective solutions to our clients without compromising on quality standards.

Built for speed: high volume engineering

Our team is structured to handle a large number of projects, and we are able to work with builders to deliver high volume engineering outcomes within short time frames.

Location information system (LIS)

The quality of our reporting is enhanced by our in-house “Location Information System” software, containing a database drawn from approximately 100,000 borehole test site locations in Melbourne and Geelong.

Five-point soil sampling for increased accuracy

By soil testing every site and encouraging five-point sampling we achieve the most accurate picture of the soil conditions; minimising over-engineering and reducing costs.

Laboratory testing for fine-grained tolerances

Our lab testing gives a detailed picture of the site geology, providing data on the deep seated soil properties that allow us to design with greater accuracy for the soil reactivity. Our testing is highly specialised and state of the art.


We offer a range of engineering services to the construction industry.

Residential Engineering

We have a strong emphasis on housing, and strive to deliver residential engineering services that achieve the best possible outcome for every home we work on.

Structural Engineering

VHC Engineers is a multi-disciplinary engineering consultancy, and we specialise in providing services to the residential construction industry.

Geotechnical Engineering

The ground/structure interface is the most important variable when it comes to designing houses that are best suited to the site conditions over the long term.

Civil Construction Engineering

VHC Engineers is one of Melbourne’s leading engineering consultancies, with 35 years of industry experience and with more than 60,000 jobs completed during that time.

Forensic Engineering

Buildings are designed to perform to Australian standards. At times, a building can enter a phase of distress due to unforseen events.

Our Key Services

Key to preventing over-engineering and controlling build costs are our data collection and testing services.


VHC Engineers services locations in Melbourne, Geelong, Ballarat and regional Victoria.

Featured Project

Pascoe Vale Townhouse Development

In 2019, we provided soil testing, footing design and structural engineering services to a Shape Homes townhouse development in Pascoe Vale.

Featured Project

Kew Townhouse Development

In 2013, we worked with ABN Group to provide soil testing, footing design and structural engineering to a luxury townhouse development in Kew, Victoria.

Featured Project

Modern Homes from Leading Victorian Builders

VHC Engineers has been working on a range of current modern homes, offering soil testing, footing design and structural engineering services.