Our Key Services

VHC Engineers strives to deliver cost-effective and sustainable engineering solutions to our clients, without compromising on accuracy, speed or quality.

Our unique approach to data collection and testing prevents costly over-engineering, ensuring that our designers have the most accurate assessment of the site.

We encourage five-point soil sampling and lab testing to examine each site. This data enters our “Location Information System” software, containing information from the most current 20,000 site addresses tested and soil profiles from about 100,000 test borehole locations.

Site testing for sustainable and cost-effective outcomes

Over-engineering is not only costly, it also has a negative environmental impact that can be felt for generations. Our solution to over-engineering involves careful and thorough testing of the site, avoiding the sort of armchair design that leads to poor structural and financial outcomes.

Soil Testing

We thoroughly soil test all of our sites, and encourage the use of five-point sampling in order to achieve a more accurate picture of the site, and to determine any challenges this might pose for the design. This comprehensive testing protocol allows us to create a more precise drawing, which minimises over-engineering and reduces overall costs.

Lab Testing

Our lab testing services take the soil testing process one step further, enhancing the overall picture with additional data on the load-bearing properties and tolerances of the underlying soil. These insights are again used to refine the final design, with a focus on favouring solutions that minimise costs and reduce the long term environmental impact.

Location Information System

“Location Information System” (LIS) is a unique software application that was developed in-house at VHC Engineers. It is used in our reporting to enhance the quality and accuracy of information provided by our onsite soil samples. LIS contains information from the most current 20,000 site addresses tested and soil profiles from about 100,000 test borehole locations across Melbourne and Geelong.

Some of the other data sets that the LIS software draws from include special lab testing locations, footing designs, construction inspections records and research information that is being undertaken by VHC Engineers. Cross referencing the data sets, LIS can offer a realistic estimate of the ground conditions and construction requirements of any given project location. All data used is constantly assessed for random events and information confidence.